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Hanging With Friends Android Now Available

As the mobile app explosion continues to morph and evolve, Zynga fires off another bombshell with the release of it’s current app, Hanging With Friends. Now available for both Apple iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets, Hanging With Friends is able to traverse across platforms, providing fun game play for millions of users. This […]

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Two Letter Words and Three Letter Words

Words With Friends continues to impress with its growth in the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch markets. This Scrabble-esque game pushes your vocabulary skills and wordplay to the brink. During the game, in what seems like a neverending story, a player gets stuck in a scenario where there is limited available space on the board to […]

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Words With Friends Goes To College

The Words With Friends phenomenon is sweeping across college campus in the United States. Students eager to play with their friends, discuss strategies and talk about their love for the game have become so rampant that organizations have been formed, to wax all-things WWF. Released in 2009, the new social app feature lets you select […]

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Words With Friends Is Scrabble 2011

The Golden Age of Scrabble is now upon us! Words With Friends has been downloaded by more than ten million people. There’s versions of the game for Facebook, Pogo and Lexulous. This game is more refined than the concept of flinging birds through the air with a slingshot. This game incorporates the use of vocabulary […]

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4 Tips For Beginners

One thing I have noticed about my style of play is that I fall into the typical traps that most of us have. I focus on playing a decent word. I’m more wrapped up in trying to play a solid word, as opposed to playing the best word with what is presented in front of […]

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Scrabble Lifer, Turned Words With Friendster

I love to play Scrabble as much as the next guy and when Words With Friends came out I was a bit skeptical. I figured the game would be a blatant rip off that’s as stale as the original version. While the game is pretty similar, the staleness seems to have vanished. I’m not sure […]

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Zynga Releases Words With Friends 4.0 Update

Zynga has released a large update to its application monster, Words With Friends. Updates to this instant classic include : Facebook Connect, allowing you the ability to link your account to your Facebook profile, see the profile pics and names of your social network in your games list, find those friends that also enjoy the […]

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Words With Friends Strategy – How To Win More Often

This is a video that helps break down real strategy for those new to Words With Friends. We found this tutorial to be extremely helpful, as it keys in on two very important points: 1. There are 52 spots on the total playing board are considered to be more “prime real estate” then the rest. […]

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Words With Friends Dictionary

The Words With Friends Dictionary is based on the ENABLE dictionary. New Toy, Inc. and now Zynga have made up dates to the dictionary (typically adding words) with updates to the app itself, so in theory, it is possible that an opponent could play words that you cannot, if they have a new (or the […]

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Words With Friends – PC

Lots of people ask how or if you can play Words With Friends on a PC. The answer is, you can’t. But actually, you really can. There isn’t a PC version available, although it’s been rumored that Zynga will be porting Words With Friends to Facebook in the next year or so. While doing some […]

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