Words With Friends Is Scrabble 2011

The Golden Age of Scrabble is now upon us! Words With Friends has been downloaded by more than ten million people. There’s versions of the game for Facebook, Pogo and Lexulous. This game is more refined than the concept of flinging birds through the air with a slingshot. This game incorporates the use of vocabulary skills and chess into a wickedly addictive game to play between people you know (or even don’t). By using the chat feature, you are able to communicate with buddies on your friends list, whom you might not have spoken to in several years. Interplay with the game allows you to communicate and engage your friends in new and challenging ways.

There’s one aspect to Words With Friends that differs from Scrabble and is a bit unsettling. Unlike traditional Scrabble, if a player uses a word that is questionable, you can challenge the word and make your opponent find the term in the dictionary. Words With Friends does not offer this as an option and also does not penalize the player for a guess. It just declines the word and encourages you to try again.

At the end of the day, using Words With Friends to interact with your family members is a good thing. We all lead busier lives than when we were kids and having fun, family-friendly games like Words With Friends helps the family bond better.


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  1. well, even if i can’t understand some of those words but, im sure it has a lot of fun playing this game … ;]

    September 14, 2011 at 2:06 pm Reply

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