Two Letter Words and Three Letter Words

Words With Friends continues to impress with its growth in the Android and iPhone/iPod Touch markets. This Scrabble-esque game pushes your vocabulary skills and wordplay to the brink. During the game, in what seems like a neverending story, a player gets stuck in a scenario where there is limited available space on the board to play the tiles, yet you have a rack of tricky, high point value tiles to play.

Below is a list of two, three and four word combos that might help you escape the point tally and quite possibly win the game outright.

2 Letter Words : XI, FI, AX, QI, JA, EX, JO, HA, PI, YA

3 Letter Words : ZEN, JOT, AVE, ZIT, KIP, PUB, RAJ, VEX, HEX, KAY, YEA

4 Letter Words : TZAR

The trick with a letter “Z” is to place it on a triple letter score or triple word score tile. That placement can net you a minimum of 30 points, if played correctly.

A great example would be :


Playing this word would get you 64 points, due to the combo action.

Being successful at Words With Friends centers around placements of the bonus point tiles. If you can capitalize on those tiles, the game is yours.


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