Words With Friends Goes To College

The Words With Friends phenomenon is sweeping across college campus in the United States. Students eager to play with their friends, discuss strategies and talk about their love for the game have become so rampant that organizations have been formed, to wax all-things WWF. Released in 2009, the new social app feature lets you select friends from your Facebook network or Twitter feed. If a student wants to be addicted to something, more are opting to be addicted to Words With Friends, instead of drugs or alcohol.

The game is currently in the top of the charts at the iTunes App store and Words With Friends comes in two forms : a free version with advertisements or an ad-free version for $2.99. There are multiple editions of this game and even an High Definition (HD) version for iPad owners. Zynga recently purchased this game and added it to its portfolio of socially-addictive games, including Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World and Chess With Friends.

If a challenge is what you seek, download the application and start challenging your friends. Odds are that they are already playing it, as well.


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