Words With Friends Strategy – How To Win More Often

This is a video that helps break down real strategy for those new to Words With Friends. We found this tutorial to be extremely helpful, as it keys in on two very important points:
1. There are 52 spots on the total playing board are considered to be more “prime real estate” then the rest.
2. The triple word and triple point slots define the total outcome of the game.

These seem like obvious tips, but the way in which it is explained in this video helps you “connect the dots”, and win more games, by following a basic strategy.


2 Responses to “Words With Friends Strategy – How To Win More Often”

  1. William Spaniel #

    Sounds about right.


    May 30, 2011 at 9:44 pm Reply
  2. Theresa Schuster #

    Hello William,

    Have been playing Scrabble for years, and now Words with Friends for only a few months. What is the best first word to put down on the board? Should you allow a words that you can build on in the front and back, should you maximized your points — or should you most importantly try to put it on the board so that vowels go on the DL and TL slots?

    can you give me some examples?

    Also, I have been playing with random opponents, and some of them cheat with almost every words being a scrabble and/or not building on or hooking onto other words. What is the quickest way to discern if you have a cheater on your hands? Do you resign when this happens, or just play the game until it ends? I have played with cheaters and it is hard to win, as even though I think I am good, you can’t compete agains a dictionary.

    Many Thanks for your time. Perhaps this will be the subject of a new video.


    June 28, 2011 at 2:25 pm Reply

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